Trump’s doctor set to star

The official personal physician of US President Donald Trump has been signed to star in a new TV game show.

A spokesperson for the Fox Network said the new program with the working title What’s Up Doc? was expected to go into production soon.

It will star US Naval Commander Dr Sean Conley, who is currently the official White House physician who was widely criticised for his evasive and less than frank media briefings while Mr Trump was being treated for coronavirus.

“We watched Dr Conley’s performances with great interest,” a Fox Network source said. “But rather than being critical of him, we thought he was just the guy to helm a whole new game show we have in mind for early evenings Monday to Friday.

What’s Up Doc? will involve Dr Conley being quizzed by the family members of real, critically ill, or even terminally ill patients.

“The panellists have to pepper him with questions about the condition of their loved ones and Dr Conley will do what he does best – answer them but not answer them at all, if you know what I mean.

“He’ll be doing just what he did at the briefings outside the Walter Reed Hospital when the President was under his care.

“For instance, a panel member might ask: ‘Does my grandmother have cancer?’. Dr Conley will likely answer: ‘There’s not one cancer cell in her body.’

“Of course he means, there’s not one but millions, probably billions or even trillions or zillions of cancer cells eating away at the poor old thing.

“Another family member might ask: ‘Doctor, what’s the prognosis for my dear suffering wife?’

“Dr Conley would likely say: ‘I’m very positive about it.’ Of course he would mean he’s positive she’ll die very soon.

“The whole concept of the show is based around Dr Conley not levelling with the family members and trying to get away with telling them as few facts as possible.

“We’re yet to refine parts of the show like a scoring system, prizes, and the like. But we reckon we’re onto a real winner if the good doctor’s recent performances are anything to go by,” the Fox Network source said.