Ex-premiers resort to fisticuffs


Ex-Queensland Premiers Peter Beattie and Campbell Newman have clashed heatedly – and physically – outside the entrance to the headquarters of News Queensland at Bowen Hills in inner-north Brisbane.

Police say the two men clashed late Saturday afternoon as both sought entry to plead with The Sunday Mail editor Kelvin Healey to publish their respective viewpoints on the 31 October state election.

“They fought like girlies for more than a minute,” said one senior scribe as he left the building after being retrenched.

“Can- Do was shouting how much he had to offer Deb Frecklington seeing he managed to turn a massive majority into election defeat in just one term,” the scribe said.

“And Beattie was saying much the same thing.”

Police say both men suffered cuts to their face and severe bruising to their egos.

The Bug understands Mr Newman wanted to expand on comments he had made earlier to the ABC 612 radio presenter Steve Austin (below right) about how angry he was that his achievements in office from 2012 to 2015 were being ignored by the LNP and that his time as premier was akin to that of Harry Potter villain Lord Voldemort, or “he who must not be named”.

Mr Beattie said he thought it was time for Queenslanders to be reminded of his own amazing time as Premier and to read his thoughts as to how he would brilliantly manage the Queensland economy if the state were lucky enough to still have him in charge.

“I just hope the paper doesn’t distort my comments in favour of the LNP,” he was apparently heard saying to no-one in particular.

“I’d hate it if Annastacia Palaszczuk didn’t get the chance to surpass the years I spent as Premier. I really would.”

Although both men were allowed into the building, the Sunday-Mail editor opted to go with Mr Beattie for today’s election coverage (top).