Biden and Trump prepare for clash

Contenders for the November US presidential election have begun their last-minute preparations for their first debate.

President Donald Trump flew in to Cleveland, Ohio, onboard Air Force One which was towing a sign behind it reading: “Defeat Sleepy Syphilitic Senile Sex-Pest Socialist Joe Biden.”

Trump campaign officials denied any wrongdoing, saying it was “unclear” if US federal campaign laws banning the use of federal government property for campaigning purposes covered the presidential aircraft.

“We’re confident we’ve done nothing wrong,” a campaign source said.

On arrival, Mr Trump told reporters he hoped Mr Biden had taken “sufficient medication” to remain awake for the entirety of the debate.

“I’ve heard he needs lots of drugs, lots of ‘em, to keep his eyes open,” Mr Trump said.

“I also hear, and I don’t know if it’s true, that all of Sleepy Joe’s medications, especially the ones he takes for advanced dementia, are playing havoc with his Viagra tablets.

“Of course I don’t need those little blue tablets like Old Joe does,” he added before departing before reporters could ask any questions.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of the Redland City Council bordering Brisbane’s southern outskirts has outlined her surprise at being woken early this morning to greet a visiting VIP.

Cr Karen Williams said the unexpected visit by US Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden was “a complete and utter surprise”.

“I was rung at home at 3 am when I was fast asleep,” Cr Williams explained.

“It seems Mr Biden had jetted in overnight to Brisbane Airport and headed straight to our city.

“I quickly woke up, got out of bed and rushed to meet Mr Biden. I found him somewhat agitated and disoriented wandering with his entourage near the roundabout in Shore Street, Cleveland.

“I’m not sure what happened but after a quick chat with me they all got back in their motorcade and sped off back to Brisbane Airport, I presume,” Cr Williams said.