Dead comic sparks buyer frenzy

Legal representatives of the late Australian actor and comedian Lucky Grills admit they are puzzled by a sudden upsurge in interest in the purchase of previously unwanted items he left in his estate.

Trustees of his estate said they had been inundated in recent days with offers to buy pairs of pyjamas worm by Grills (main picture) and had also received requests to purchase numerous other types of items.

“Since Lucky died more than a dozen years ago we’ve been trying to fulfill his wishes to sell off his personal effects rather than just send them to the rubbish tip,” an estate representative said.

“We’ve been running classified ads in newspapers and more recently on e-Bay, Gumtree, and other internet merchandising websites, but all to no avail until recently when we started to plug some of the TV shows Lucky featured in and suddenly we were deluged with potential buyers making bids and pushing up the prices to unbelievable levels.

“For instance, a pair of Lucky’s old pyjamas — admittedly used and very soiled — has been getting bids of close to $1,000 this week. It’s extraordinary.”

Grills died in 2007 aged 79 after a long career as a nightclub stand-up comic and was also a regular actor in supporting roles in Australian-made television dramas, especially police dramas made in the 1960s and 1970s by Melbourne-based Crawford Productions.

In 1976 he starred in his own Crawford-made cop show Bluey which screened on the Seven Network.

Grills played Detective Sergeant “Bluey” Hills, an unconventional, overweight, hard-drinking officer who often bent the rules to achieve a conviction.

The Grills’ estate representative said buyer demand had prompted trustees to consider a new approach.

“In addition to bids on items such as Lucky’s pyjamas we’ve also been receiving requests from people wanting to buy plush toys and board games but we don’t have any for sale, so we are looking at the possibility of having some made to meet demand,” he said.