Bennett rumour kicks off

Management of the Brisbane Bronocs has refused to confirm that they are seeking to re-engage their most successful coach, Wayne Bennett (pictured), after the NRL club’s disastrous 2020 season.

Bennett, currently coach of the South Sydney Rabbitohs, has previously coached the Broncos in two previous stints and helped deliver all of the clubs six premierships.

It has been rumoured that Bennett, believed to be 93, has been asked to return to Brisbane in a new supervisory coaching role.

He would not comment immediately when contacted, telling The Bug: “I’ll ring you back as soon as I find my teeth.

“But be warned that I won’t talk to you at all if you’re going to focus on my age.”

Trump cheered for breaking record

US President Donald Trump has received a rapturous reception at a Tennessee rally after declaring America the “undisputed coronavirus champion of the world” after passing the 200,000-deaths mark.

The President was forced to stop speaking for several minutes after the crowd at the Republic Party rally broke out into a loud and raucous standing ovation after he outlined the relative figures for COVID-19 deaths in western nations and said the USA’s record-breaking performance would never have been achieved if “sleepy, shadowy, socialist, syphilitic, sex pest Joe Biden” was running the country.  

Games’ star ignores milestone

Nicki Webster says she will not be taking part in public celebrations of the upcoming 20th anniversary of the Sydney Olympic Games.

Ms Webster was just 13 when she took a starring role in the opening ceremony of the Sydney Games.

But she said her negative treatment by some media organisations after her 2000 appearance had made her wary of making public appearances or statements.

“Some disgusting and disreputable media outlets eve go so far as to run obviously distorted or retouched photos of me just so they can make a stark but false contrast between me as a 13-year-old and me as I am now,” Ms Webster (artist’s impression pictured) told The Bug.

“So, no, I won’t be making a big deal about the 20th anniversary for that reason alone.”