Hilary denies V-P bid

2020US ELECTION2020 DINKUSFormer US First Lady and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has denied she is angling to be picked as Joe Biden’s vice-presidential running mate for the November US elections.

Mr Biden is due to announce his choice of running mate this week and has expressed his preference for a woman. Political observers also say he is leaning towards picking a woman of colour in light of the recent focus on racial issues across the US including the ongoing Black Lives Matter campaign.

Mr Biden, a native of the state of Delaware in the prosperous north-east United States, is also expected to pick a vice-presidential candidate from another region to provide a geographical balance to the Democratic Party ticket.

Ms Clinton (main picture) said she would be honoured to be chosen by Mr Biden as his running mate, but denied she was lobbying to be picked.

“Don’t be jivin’ me, man,” she said. “You think I gonna run with Joe? No way, man,” Ms Clinton told one of The Bug’s US-based reporters covering the 2020 election at her new home in a poor suburb of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Ms Clinton recently returned to reside in a rented apartment in Little Rock where she and husband Bill have not lived since moving into the White House in 1993 when he started his first term as President.

“I ain’t pushin’ to be on ol’ Joe’s ticket. Nosiree,” she said before inviting The Bug’s reporter to stay for lunch.

“I’m cookin’ up a mess of hoppin’ john and collard greens. Lordy it be a mighty fine meal, yessiree.”

Ms Clinton curtly dismissed media speculation about her political future as “white folk just tryin’ to stir up trouble in our community” before starting to sing a selection of African-American spiritual songs and reading the instruction booklet for her kitchen stove .