Rupe’s rotten rags ramp up anti-ALP rage


What’s there not to like about former prime minister Kevin Rudd?

Well, okay, quite few things but that’s not important right now.

He did after all oust the lying rodent and George W Bush’s man of steel, John Howard, in 2007 and for that alone he deserves a permanent shining light on the hill.

The Bug is also indebted to him for his on-going campaign against all things Rupert Murdoch. Ruddy approaches Murdoch’s rotten rags across Oz with a burning and understandable hatred.

The image at top is taken from a tweet of Rudds just yesterday (Tuesday) after the Dirty Digger’s major remaining print media papers from the Gold Coast Bulletin to the Cairns Post all splashed heavily with a shameless beat-up of a law and order policy from Opposition Leader Di Frecklington.

Rudd writes: “First Murdoch kills 50+ local Queensland newspapers. Then he plasters what’s left with identical election campaign propaganda for the LNP. Today the same story splashed across papers in Cairns, Townsville, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. #CancerOnDemocracy”three strikes ..... nicholls policy

As the paper’s former and respected columnist Terry Sweetman also observed on Twitter: “Has anyone ever had a free ride like Deb Frecklington who makes front page news across Queensland with a law and order plan that is pretty much a rehash of Tim Nicholls’ rejected policy? Same old, same old. #qldpol”

The day before, Rudd put up a montage (below, right) of how The Courier-Mail has reacted to the Crime and Corruption Commission’s clearance of former Deputy Premier Jackie Trad over allegations of interference in an education sector appointment.

“So Jackie Trad loses her job as Treasurer, gets crucified by Murdoch over a referral to CCC. Not a single headline stating she’s been cleared & then they smear her again. Now if Jackie was LNP.” courier attacks on trad - net

Rudd is spot on. If Trad had been found guilty, Brisbane’s monopoly metropolitan daily would have devoted so many pages to her downfall – maybe even a liftout – that you’d be forgiven for thinking she had been given an Order of Lenin medal.

And we can also see in our mind’s eye the 240-point TRAD CLEARED! headline the Courier and every one of Rupe’s rotten rags would have run if the poor woman had been from the LNP.

The Bug has no doubt that the shameful, biased, unprofessional, unethical coverage of the Queensland state election as shown in yesterday’s statewide free plug for the LNP will go from bad to much, much, worse in the next 15 weeks or so.

While we can marvel as to how all these independent-minded editors suddenly agreed on splashing LNP policy, yesterday’s use of front pages from the Gold Coast to Cairns to shamelessly bolster the LNP’s cause will probably end up looking like fairly tame stuff for what the Courier and Sunday Mails and the remaining regionals plan for the weeks ahead.

The vilification of Annastacia Palaszczuk is in its early stages.

There are going to be far more people in a state of apoplexy than just the Ruddster before this New York-directed campaign, devoid of any of the basic tenets of journalism, is done and dusted.

Don Gordon-Brown