Statue ceremony deferred


A ceremony to dedicate a new statue outside the High Court of Australia building in Canberra has been postponed.

In a statement issued today Chief Justice Susan Kiefel said now was not an appropriate time to stage the dedication ceremony, but did not give any further explanation of the decision.

However, her statement did provide details of the new statue (main picture) by Melbourne artist and former lawyer and judge’s associate Sue Himm.

“When formally unveiled, the new statue will be a significant contribution to public art in Canberra and indeed Australia,” Chief Justice Kiefel said.

“It is a meant to embody the Australian legal and judicial system and Sue has called upon her own personal experience in designing and crafting it.

“It is indeed an unmistakably contemporary work which some in the legal profession may find provocative, especially the very modern touch of a pixelated face suggesting nobody, not even lawyers or judges, are above the law.

“I am sure when we do hold the dedication ceremony that the statue will provoke a great deal of debate.

“We will advise a new date for the event when we settle on one and I’ll be inviting all former High Court judges to attend.

“Well, almost all of them,” she said.