Trump turns on media, again

AMERICAN POLITICSUS President Donald Trump has again accused mainstream media outlets of peddling “fake news”, this time over their coverage of his weekend Tulsa election rally (main picture).

“The lamestream media has once again been caught out telling lies,” Mr Trump said after returning to the White House from his Sunday campaign trip to Oklahoma.

“They keep saying the crowd at the rally was small. But I was there and it was almost a full house. Period.

“Sure there were one or two seats that were left empty, but that’s because a few people stayed away after being scared by the fake news stories about catching coronavirus.

“I gotta tell you they are wrong on coronavirus. I’m very safe in saying that when it comes to the virus the US is leading the world. It’s all thanks to me too, but do I get any credit? No.

“As if the lamestream media didn’t do enough damage before the rally on that front, they also reported all the outrageous and libelous claims made about me by that corrupt and senile ‘Sleepy’ Joe Biden and that certifiably insane, venereal-disease riddled Nancy Pelosi.

“There were almost a million people  at the rally by my count, and I should know because I was the one up at the podium who could see them all. So who are you going to believe?”

Mr Trump claimed he was happy with the rally and denied any knowledge of the overflow stage and seating outside the Tulsa stadium that were removed before the rally inside was over due to a lack of an audience.

“I don’t know anything about that. You need to talk to the guy who organised the whole event, campaign manager Brad Parscale,” he said.

“You can get him on his cell phone, probably for the next 10-15 minutes or so. After that, who knows?”