A little Deb will do ya!


The Queensland LNP’s powerful Bowen Hills branch continues to lead the way in the party’s bid to oust Anna Palaszczuk’s Labor Party at the October 31 state election.

Branch president Chris Jones seems determined to launch Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington’s campaign as many times as is needed before the actual campaign begins in late September.

Jones used the front-page lead story of Wednesday’s Courier-Mail to preview a major speech by Frecklington on a new kids safety policy as the LNP launched its campaign …. again!

As the reverse strap above the story explained: “Exclusive: Campaign kicks off as Frecklington promises to create new Child Protection Force”.

As soon as bundles of the edition hit the city’s streets, online bookies slashed their odds as to how many times Frecklington will launch her campaign via a Courier or Sunday Mail splash over the next three-and-a-half months before official campaigning begins.

SportsBet this morning was offering 3 to 1 odds on that number being between 12 and 15. Personally, I’d be tempted by the 12-1 available for the figure being between 50 and 70.

Regardless of the news value of the piece, the prominence given to it showed just how keen the Bowen Hills branch was to give Frecklington a lift after some messy days of internal party infighting.

As the image at top shows, the paper then devoted the lion’s share of a two-page spread inside to showcase just how ready the pretty Opposition Leader is to take the reins of power after two terms in the wilderness.

And if anyone wanted to take an online bet that Labor would not be given a single word …. a single sentence …. a single paragraph…. in the lengthy piece to respond to this LNP policy, they would have cleaned up …. if the bookies had been stupid enough to frame odds anywhere north of about 10 to 1 on, that is.

Still, the LNP’s Bowen Hills branch did, we imagine very reluctantly, run a little pix of the Premier, if for no other reason to show she’s not anywhere near as pretty as the Frecks.

To be totally fair to the LNP’s Bowen Hills branch – as The Bug always is – it did run a response from Palaszczuk on page 12 on Thursday. Probably only in the country edition but that’s not important right now.

It must have pained the aggressive LNP branch to have done that, so The Courier-Mail ran a big editorial in the same issue about how Frecklington had emerged,  “through smart politics” , as “a stronger leader today than a week ago”.

To spare our readers having to fetch a chuck bucket, The Bug won’t run that editorial although key phrases such as “she has, for the first time, led the political agenda – and for all the right reasons”, “a political leader who suddenly has wind in her sails” and “suddenly, it’s the Opposition Leader who is setting the political agenda” give some idea of its slant.

Yep, she’s Premier material, alright! Step aside, Palaszczuk. You’re done and dusted!

In the meantime, let’s all brace ourselves as the LNP’s Bowen Hills branch steps up its campaign. As the weeks unfold, there will be countless further promotions of Frecklington and her amazing policies from what are clearly Brisbane’s finest daily and weekly metropolitan mastheads.

Dodgy “internal” surveys will be highlighted and push-polled, the branch will run with the LNP’s response to any Labor policy rather than the policy itself, front-page editorials demanding a change of government will become more and more common and dear Deb Frecklington will remain front-page news and  “in the box seat” and “on the springboard to victory” over a hapless and corrupt Labor government.

Everything you’d expect from a couple of fake newspapers that the Courier and Sunday Mails have sadly become.

Still, the people in charge of the LNP’s Bowen Hills branch have never waivered in their belief in their amazing powers to mould public opinion, so you wonder why the people of Queensland will need to get out and vote on October 31 when you really think about it.

Don Gordon-Brown.