I was just checking my tyres: Cummings

LONDON: Boris Johnson’s most senior adviser Dominic Cummings has been cleared of any wrongdoing after he explained that a 250km trip round trip from Durham County to a section of Hadrian’s Wall in Scotland was so he could check his car’s tyres after they had been rotated and rebalanced.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said it was the most natural thing to do for a father and husband to ensure his car was safe for his family to ride in.

“Dominic did exactly the right and proper thing to protect the family he loves dearly and he has my full and unqualified support,” Mr Johnson told media outside Number 10 overnight Australian time.

Mr Cummings, who helped Mr Johnson get the Brexit vote over the line, had already embroiled himself in controversy by driving more than 400 kilometres north from London during the UK’s strict coronavirus lockdown to stay at his parents’ property.

The trip was at odds with the PM’s lockdown order that all Britons “must stay home” to stop the spread of the disease.

Only two days ago, Mr Johnson was forced to defend Cummings after it was also revealed he had also made a 50km trip from Durham to historic Barnard Castle “to check his eyesight”.

And two days before that, the Cummings family had travelled west to the Lakes District and spent the night there to “make sure the family car’s high and low beams were working properly”.