PM gives green light to recovery plan


CANBERRA: Plans are under way to send every Australian a copy of the plan to restart the nation’s economy in the wake of the coronavirus shutdown.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is believed to have personally signed off on the copy of the “National Resurrection” plan to be mailed to all Australians of voting age.

The Bug was given access to a final draft of the plan when Mr Morrison rehearsed its launch after its endorsement at Friday’s meeting of the National Cabinet (main picture).

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office said the plan would be released on Sunday at a live event from a suitably large venue capable of hosting an audience of sufficient size.

“We’re still looking for a venue and we’ve got a few church halls on the horizon, so to speak,” the spokesperson said.

The Bug was told the recovery plan’s distribution would be prioritised across the nation.

“We’ve drawn up a colour-coded list of electorates, er … I mean … communities, across Australia and we’ll start sending the plan out as soon as the PM okays it.

“I should say, as soon as the PM okays the plan. He’s had nothing to do with the colour-coded list, as always.

“The plan’s distribution will take some time but will be done pretty much in alphabetical order starting, of course with seats… I mean communities at the head of the alphabet such as Aaeden-Monaro.”

The Bug asked the PMO spokesperson to explain why the final draft of the plan featured a small Liberal Party logo in one corner.

“Oh yes, that’s clearly a mistake by the designers,” he said. “When it goes to print the logo will be centred and will be much, much bigger.”