Trump continues undeterred

AMERICAN POLITICSAmerican President Donald Trump has acted to soothe relations with the White House media gallery after some news outlets accused him of being over-sensitive and petulant in the face of questions they have been asking about the US government’s fight against COVID-19.

After criticism of his actions at a recent briefing where he floated the idea of sunlight and disinfectant being used to tackle the virus, Mr Trump took to social media to express his dismay at the type of questions he had been asked.

He openly doubted the value of his appearances and claimed he might boycott the daily briefings to avoid the “negative attacks” by the “fake media”.

But today an apparently contrite US President surprised reporters by bringing to the briefing room a tray of edible gifts (main picture).

“There’s one for each of you, so there’s no need for anyone to miss out,” Mr Trump told the handful of reporters attending today’s briefing which continued to employ the social distancing rules applicable during the current coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Trump personally delivered one of the treats to each media representative in the briefing room while maintaining a 1.5m distance from them.

When one CNN reporter asked jokingly if the President had made the treats himself, Mr Trump confirmed he had.

“Yes, I think it’s quite accurate for me to say that I made them all personally just for all of you good people,” he said. “I took great joy in doing so too, I gotta tell you.”