Turnbull calls the shots


buddy tShooting is under way on the Gold Coast of a movie version of the memoirs of former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Film industry insiders familiar with the project say the new film, A Bigger Picture Picture, is being shot at the Village Roadshow studios.

“It’s been difficult because of the need to employ social distancing measures but camera trickery and digital technology has helped overcome some of the problems of not having characters on set being too close to one another,” the insider told The Bug.

“But then again, in real life the actual people behind the characters were never close to each other so it’s art imitating life, I guess.”

The industry insider said Mr Turnbull had ensured he could take on the titles of executive producer and director by fully funding the multi-million-dollar project after major potential film investors passed up the opportunity.

“This has meant that Malcolm could insist that he plays himself in the lead role and that filming went ahead so that his movie can be completed before the end of the year and released in a Los Angeles theatre he plans to hire to make it eligible for entry in the next Academy Awards,” the source said.

“Malcolm also gave himself the key roles of casting director, foley artist, key grip, and best boy which some people on set have suggested he has used to satisfy his own ego and continue settling old score, just as he did in the book itself.

“For instance, he has insisted that all of his scenes are shot to make him look a lot taller than he is (main picture).

“Some say he has also cast actors in key roles with the aim of denigrating the people they are playing.1turnbullbishop

“For example, he called on country and western veteran Chad Morgan to play Matthias Cormann and Magda Szubanski has taken on the role of Scott Morrison (main picture).

“Stand-up comedian Joel Creasy plays Julie Bishop (pictured) which made no real sense to anyone until Malcolm explained that they both hailed from West Australia. I still think that’s a pretty tenuous link.

1turnbullhoward“But there has been widespread support for picking John Howard to play John Howard (pictured).”