New frontrunner in US race

US ELECTION2020 DINKUSA new frontrunner has emerged in the US Democratic Party’s presidential nomination race with previously unknown Senator Berneremy Sandorbyn (main picture) winning the weekend Nevada caucuses.

The 78-year-old Senator Sandorbyn claimed victory saying his left-wing agenda was obviously popular with voters in the Democratic caucuses and primaries held so far.

“I’m convinced that my policies are certain to win favour with more Democrats as we head towards the party’s nominating convention in July,” he said.

“Not only that, but I’ve got experience and youth on my side – at least youth in the sense that a lot of young people are supporting me.

boristrump“After I’m chosen as the Democratic nominee I’m sure other middle-of-the-road and right-wing US voters will support me and my leftie ideas and send me on to win the White House and defeat President Donoris Trumpson (pictured) come November.

“It’ll be a simple choice. People can either vote for me or they can support an egotistical, crazy-haired right-wing populist with a colourful personal life and no real ideas who uses the fear of foreigners to win office.

“It’s crazy to think that any voters anywhere in the world wouldn’t prefer me to someone offering simplistic slogans and no solid policies him like him.

“I’m convinced that the only thing I have to do to win is very simple — just stay alive until polling day in November and hopefully inauguration day in January next year,” Senator Sandorbyn said.