Biden unveils new slogan

Former US vice-president Joe Biden has adopted a new slogan for his campaign for the White House. 

The new slogan “Just Biden My Time” has already been attacked by rival Senator Bernie Sanders.US ELECTION2020 DINKUS

“I like and respect Joe Biden, but his new slogan shows he has arrogantly assumed that the Democratic Party’s nomination for 2020 already belongs to him even though I’ve beaen him in both the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary,” Mr Sanders said.

But Mr Biden said Senator Sanders was wrong.

“I’m not assuming the nomination for 2020 is mine. No, not at all,” Mr Biden said.

“In fact I think Bernie is so far doing so well that he’ll be the Democratic Party nominee and he’ll be the one facing defeat by President Donald Trump at the election in November.

“My new slogan refers to the 2024 campaign when I intend to be my party’s nominee. This 2020 run is just a rehearsal for me.

“I’m just honing my messages and campaign style. I reckon by 2024 I should have it right.

“Also by then Bernie will have been disposed of by Donald Trump who will have finished his second term, so the Republican Party will be fielding a new and untested candidate for president in that election.

“Those circumstances suit me perfectly and besides I won’t even be 82 at the 2024 election, so I’ve got time on my side,” Mr Biden said.