Teen activist backs Trump vision


CANBERRA: Australian teenage climate change activist Scomo Turdberg (pictured) says she is sorry she could not attend the World Economic Forum in Switzerland to set the record straight on her nation’s response to climate change.

Ms Turdberg (pictured) said it was likely that the Davos forum could be misled about Australia’s climate change policies.

“I would have liked to have been in Davos to set the record straight about Australia’s fantastic record on battling climate change,” she said.

“But I’ve been kept at home battling bushfires in recent weeks. Isn’t it funny how something totally unrelated to another can throw you a curve ball now and then?”

Ms Turdberg said she also backed US President Donald Trump’s call at Davos for people to be less pessimistic about the world’s future.

“I agree with Mr Trump that we must talk up our economies and continue to strive for economic growth.

“I certainly agree that we must reject the ‘prophets of doom’ he spoke about, unless of course there’s a quid to be made in which case we should embrace the profits of doom.

“Basically, as I always say, if you have the dough you’ll get a go,” Ms Turdberg said. “I hope this brings coal comfort to many of the world’s ‘silent’ citizens and not just those here in Australia.”


HANOI: An Australian tourist has been rescued quickly and brought back on board apparently none the worse for wear after accidentally falling into the Mekong River from a cruise boat in northern Vietnam. Funeral arrangements have yet to be announced.


NEW YORK: Legal observers claim an unguarded aside by disgraced former movie studio chief Harvey Weinstein may have damaged his chances in his current court battle again sexual assault charges.

Several top defence lawyers contacted by The Bug said Mr Weinstein had likely gained a slight advantage by arriving at the Manhattan court house each morning of his trial using a walking frame.

He had claimed he was suffering from a painful back condition but yesterday when walking to the court house door he was heard to tell a new member of his legal defence team that he had a bad case of “shaggers’ back”.

“This is unlikely to assist in his defence case,” one prominent New York defence lawyer said on condition of anonymity.