Prince Charles ready to walk


aroyal corres dinkusThe heir to the British throne the Prince of Wales has made it clear that he is prepared to walk away from his own royal duties if Her Majesty the Queen allows his younger son Prince Harry to do the same.

On the eve of a high-level meeting of senior members of the Royal Family at the Queen’s summer estate at Sandringham, His Royal Highness Prince Charles has made it clear that he too is tired of royal life.

My sources close to the Royal Family told me Prince Charles is exhausted after spending so many decades waiting to be king and believes his mother could remain on the throne for “at least a decade if not more”.

“This possibility has brought out in Prince Charles thoughts of his own mortality and the possibility that he could die without ever being King,” one source said.

“Prince Charles plans to tell the Queen at the Sandringham meeting that there should be no double standards in the decision taken on the future of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

“If they can have a life that is more independent of the Royal Family, then he should have the right to do the same.

“His one dream in life has been to run a small music shop, but one which specialises in selling music for helping plants to grow.

“In fact he secretly bought a share in one such shop in Shrewsbury in rural Shropshire (main picture) which he visits whenever he can.

“The shop doesn’t generate much income, but the Prince has plans to stock more music composed especially for growing organic produce and also sell more accessories like headphones tailor made for various vegetables which he hopes could turn things around,” my source said.