Royal children break free!


Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have announced their intention to break away from the Royal Family and “do their own thing” for the rest of their lives.

In a short joint statement posted at the gates of Kensington Palace in inner-London, the second and third children of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, said: “Clearly, our chances of ever being monarch are very, very slim indeed.

“And with our beloved older sibling Prince George in boyish good health and blessed with a family tradition of wonderous longevity, that’s the way it should be,” Princess Charlotte, 4, and Prince Louis, 21 months, said.

“Nevertheless, that reality has largely influenced our joint decision not to be a drain on the good people of Great Britain for the rest of our lives.

“We are dreadfully aware that the likelihood of Scotland leaving the union will make it harder for what’s left of Great Britain to fund the Royal Family’s many worthy activities into the future.

“Uncle Harry has proved an enormous inspiration to us in our short lives and he has now provided the unselfish and timely catalyst for today’s decision.

“If Prince Harry thinks he can survive away from the public teat, then so can we. We are looking forward to doing our own thing.

“We request that the media leave us alone as we, now commoners along with 65 million other British citizens, come to grips with our decision and begin our positive and independent move forward.”

Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are pictured (at top) late yesterday afternoon UK time leaving Kensington Palace for the last time.