Andrew makes a bid to fill void

aroyal corres dinkusThe Duke and Duchess of Sussex have decided to step back from royal duties because of the appalling treatment they receive from media outlets, according to my Buckingham Palace sources.

“Prince Harry and Princess Meghan feel that they and their baby son Archie (main picture) are continually under attack and are constantly the butt of cruel innuendo by media outlets,” one source told me.

“They believe they are just treated as jokes and subject to ridicule by most media outlets and have had enough of the baseless gossip that passes for ‘facts’ in most media stories about them.

“They have taken their latest decision in a bid to protect Archie from the same sort of cruel and insulting treatment they themselves receive.”

Meanwhile, the Duke of York, Prince Andrew, will try to make a rapid comeback to royal duties following the bombshell public statement by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announcing their plans to back away from their roles as senior royals.

My Buckingham Palace sources also told me that just moments after the statement by the young couple was released to the public, Prince Andrew approached Her Majesty the Queen seeking to be reinstated to royal duties.

He argued that the Prince Harry and his wife Meghan’s decision would inevitably cause problems, with other royals having to shoulder their share of the current workload.

“These ribbons won’t cut themselves!” Prince Andrew told Her Majesty.

My royal sources said that Prince Andrew’s cogent argument was well received by Her Majesty who was now actively considering the plea from her second son, just a matter of weeks after he stood aside from royal duties in the wake of his disastrous BBC TV interview about his involvement with American sex predator, the late Jeffrey Epstein.