Promotion prize for Brisbane boy


National supermarket chain Woolworths has finally awarded the prize for its Discovery Garden competition for children after locating a seven-year-old Brisbane boy who actually managed to see one of his free promotional seedlings grow.

Power Pester of Jindalee (main picture) said his mother spent thousands of dollars at Woolworths while its Discovery Garden promotion was running in late 2019.

garden-ib-1568164887-1LoV-column-width-inlineThe promotion involved the supermarket giving customers a small self-contained vegetable or flowering plant kit for every $30 spent in store (pictured).

“Mummy thought I’d like to see if I could grow some pretty flowers or even some vegetables for us to eat. Not that I like vegetable all that much,” Power said.

“She ended up getting me a couple of hundred of the Discovery Garden pots and I carefully followed the instructions to make the soil for the pot and plant the seeds.

“I then spent a lot of time each morning and afternoon watering my plants and waiting for them to grow, but unfortunately only one did.

“I’m not even sure now what plant it is because the cardboard name tag was pretty much washed away from all the watering. But it’s great to be the winner of the national prize.”

A spokesperson for Woolworths said the Pester family would receive the national Discovery Garden prize in line with the terms and conditions published at the time of the promotion.

“It’s a week’s holiday at Bateman’s Bay which must be taken immediately or else forfeited,” the spokesperson said.

Asked if the Discovery Garden promotion had been a success the spokesperson said Woolworths was ecstatic at the results.

“We saw millions of extra dollars flowing into our checkout tills as parents and kids fell over themselves to get their hands on the tiny DIY garden pots,” he said.

“Customers always think they are getting this shit for nothing when in fact the greedy bastards always spend more per visit when a promotion is running so it more than pays for itself.

“Plus our projections showed none of the plants, especially the vegies, would ever actually grow.

“I mean, Woolworths brands itself as ‘the fresh food people’ so why the hell would we give customers anything that helped them grow their own?”