Inside the campaign war room

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Tell us the old, old Tory….

They – whoever “they” are – say that governments these days are always in election campaign mode. Certainly our federal system of three-year terms means whichever side is in office is always campaigning for the next election that is never all that far away.

markson taylor staysSo the Morrison Government must take heart from the fact that the many and varied News Corp Australia columnists and commentators also remain in permanent campaign mode and mood.

In that respect, as we all know as outside observers, “campaign mode” for News Corp means being pro-Liberal and anti-Labor.

If you need proof just consider today’s column by national political editor of News Corp’s Daily Telegraph in Sydney defending the walking disaster that is Morris Government minister Angus Taylor, which was so important that it also ran in Brisbane’s Courier-Mail (pictured).

The campaign rolls on.

All good harmless pun

All those in the media analysis team here at The Bug appreciate a good pun in a newspaper headline. Except maybe for Darren who sits at the corner desk on the third floor of the media analysis department.

cmail071219What better time than Christmas to roll out some gut-busting puns and add some festive cheer to the lives of the ever-diminishing number of readers of hard-copy papers.

So to all you remaining sub-editors out there, if you actually do exist these days, pun away as the end of the year nears.

But please, try to know when to call it quits. As an example we think this effort (pictured) in today’s Brisbane morning tabloid The Courier-Mail may just fall into the “trying too hard” basket.

A final cutting observation … again

The Bug has mentioned before that Nine masthead, The Sydney-Morning Herald, obviously doesn’t care what it looks like, so why should we care what’s in it?smh bad masking up dec7.jpg

A technical issue, sure, but somehow the paper’s pre-press technology manages, now and then, to shave some of the text off the column on the outer edge of  left-hand pages.

Example: today’s SMH and a story by ate McClymont and ucy Macken (right),

No biggie, but The Bug keeps making the basic observation: We know it’s hard but try to show some pride in your paper’s appearance.

Tweak some software somewhere and resolve the problem?

Sorry, what’s that? You don’t care? As long as the ads are okay and you keep cutting staff?

Okay, got it. Shave away.