Dickhead Sunday Mail in Bug’s sights



The Goss Penis Risk! issue

The Sunday Mail in Brisbane has always been dreadfully right-wing, along with its Courier-Mail stablemate, but The Bug had never thought it would deliberately put the life of Labor Premier Wayne Goss at risk.30th birthday - net

But when The Bug saw the Sunday Mail issue of April 29, 1992, do exactly that, the simple question had to be asked: “Does Queensland Newspapers still hate this man so much, two-and-a-half years after he and Labor brought an end to Country/National party dominance of more than 30 years?

It sparked one of The Bug‘s most famous and shocking splashes GOSS PENIS RISK! (main picture). Here’s what The Bug had to say in its front-page write-off for this world exclusive.

“Pavement pounding Premier Wayne Goss is risking serious penis injury with his obsession for jogging and physical fitness.

The Bug can reveal in this exclusive scoop that a major Brisbane newspaper knew of the danger to our state leader but kept it secret from the public.

“This move casts doubts over the paper’s professed objectivity and may lead to a Press Council complaint”.

premier's percy in peril - net.jpgHere’s what the Sunday Mail viciously and vindictively did.

Virtually stealing a page from London’s The Sun about the dangers of jogging, the Sunday Mail under a heading “Watch it Gossie” and an image of Wayne Goss pounding the pavement, listed all the dangers that such exercise can cause!

Now The Bug could easily have just taken aim at the paper for its lazy and shameless copying of another publication’s creative efforts but it did not!

It forensically examined both articles and found a vital part missing from the Brisbane version.premier's percy - groin cutout - net.jpg

Under the Groin and Hip panel (below right), the Bowen Hills rag left out these crucial words: “If it’s cold, men run the risk of penile frost bite”.

Hello those up at Bowen Hills! It gets very, very cold in Brisbane in winter!

The Sunday Mail had deliberately withheld from Premier Goss information that any bloke has the right to know of, and to take action if need be, to protect his manhood.

Now, of course, back then it might have been argued that the crucial section was left out because the editors at the Sunday Mail thought “penis” was just a little too risque for a family newspaper at that time.

Which is rather funny now when you consider that both the Sunday and Courier Mails now shamelessly and at every chance they get happily suck a right-wing politician’s cock until it bleeds – at least in words if not figuratively.

More than 27 years later, The Bug remains very proud indeed of its GOSS PENIS RISK! front page that exposed the Sunday Mail’s deception and dastardry.


The Sir Joh Gone issue.

cover - sir joh gone