Call for spring racing carnival ban grows


Human animal welfare groups have launched a united public campaign to shut down Australia’s spring racing carnival after shocking photos and videos continue to emerge of humans being cruelly mistreated at Flemington racecourse on Melbourne Cup Tuesday.

The photos (above) are too graphic to run uncensored in Australia’s No.1 family friendly internet newspaper but The Bug is sure most people would respond as we have: “How on earth could anyone possibly mistreat a dumb human being worse than this?”

“Just how much alcohol must have been poured down the throats of these unsuspecting poor creatures?” one welfare group said in a media statement.

“Alcohol is a poison and any number of these women could have been killed. At the very least, some people could have been facing manslaughter charges.

“We were horrified by the images of one young racegoer – a pretty, svelte young thing – who was barely conscious and had to be kept upright by two male associates.

“She had already lost her fascinator and her high heels and by the looks on the faces of those men, her expensive on-course lunch wasn’t far behind.”

The spokesperson said she could understand a slim young thing like that ending up virtually comatose after a half-dozen cans of fizzy guava and gin or tumeric-infused tia maria was forced down her throat by selfish bar owners out to maximise their profits but how much drink would have been needed to be forced on some of these women to reach the state they did?

“It’s difficult to get out of the mind one horrific image of a middle aged woman in a tight, shortish blood-red dress, wedged into a wheel barrow as she was being carted off the course, her legs akimbo and totally oblivious to any need for modesty as men leered at her urine-stained knickers.

“This lady was no shrinking violet. Each of her upper thighs would have made Clive Palmer’s entire backside look anaemic.

“Just how many bottles of faux champagne at 20 times the bottle-shop price were forced down that poor woman’s throat?

“And you wouldn’t hope or expect these women’s menfolk to stop them being so cruelly manipulated.

“Many were clearly drunk as skunks when they first got to the course, especially if they thought the outfits they had on were in any way stylish and sophisticated or remotely natty or trendy.”

The various human animal welfare groups have pledged to picket all remaining race meetings in the spring carnival calendar “until an end is put to this unthinkable cruelty to these poor dumb human animals”.