Aunty’s slips are showing

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It’s your ACB

The mass sackings that have occurred in Australian newsrooms in recent years have seen a noticeable drop in quality (if that were possible) when it comes to the printed words appearing in newspapers and their online versions.

In particular the loss of sub-editors has seen a rise in typos, mistakes, blues, errors, or just plain fuck-ups — whatever technical term you prefer to use.

But the ABC, by virtue of being a broadcaster, was always immune from the criticisms and jokes that flow from misspelled words or just the wrong word used in print media. If the newsreader or reporter pronounced it properly it really didn’t matter what order a word’s letters appeared in their script.

The advent of online news sites has evened up that playing field, but still The Bug’s media watching team has never found as many typos in ABC online stories compared with other news outlets. Yes, we are looking at you Rupert.

abcbluesBut lately we have noticed Aunty has let her standards slip and after waking up one morning this week to peruse the ABC News online site we found two blatant mistakes (pictured).

Yes, we are being picky, picky, picky and admittedly both were later corrected. And we admit The Bug is not free from such mistakes.

But we can’t help wonder if dear old Aunty has followed the lead of her commercial rivals and has cut the jobs of those who keep an eye out for such simple errors or if she is asking her staff to do too much in too little time to keep the online beast fed.


SBS News online is reporting that Dalby is in central Queensland. An outer suburb of Rockhampton, perhaps?


Talk about right-wing bias in our mainstream media. Various news outlets have now begun stories about our world-travelling PM with this: “Fresh from his trip to the US, Mr Morrison……”

ABC News Breakfast co-host Michael Rowland started the rot late in the week and other electronic mediocre news bulletins have followed.

Fresh, eh? How can they know that for sure? It was a tiring schedule that could have left the fittest of men well and truly rooted. Would anyone who saw Fatty McFat Face trying to get up onto the tray of that farm ute near Dalby on Friday describe him as “fresh”? Fatigued more like it.

And chubby enough for the local farmers to be racing down to the machinery shed for the block and tackle.


Channel 9 Sydney’s latest PYT* (well, she looked new to us) breathlessly told us on Friday night’s 6pm news that a bus that had crashed in rural NSW injuring some school kids was new and did not have a history of any mechanical problems or defects. One would certainly hope so.

*Pretty Young Thing