Madeline’s seamless report strikes coal

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The time-consuming, old-fashioned way of creating coal could be a thing of the past, the ABC’s News Breakfast program revealed this morning.

That’s right. All those school and geography text books about
all that dead plant matter that had to decay over millions of years under heat and pressure to form first peat and then seams of sedimentary rock called coal can be tossed aside, according to the program’s RMIT-Fact Check segment.

And new ones written because one of the cheapest ways of creating coal apparently is by continuing to operate in Australia some of the nation’s much maligned, dilapidated and old coal-fired power plants.

Who knew? But it’s true. In her Fact Check segment this morning, Madeline Morris explained that these ageing plants might be getting more expensive to run but still “produce coal rather cheaply”.

And this surely must be great news for people who own the likes of the Liddell coal-fired plant near Muswellbrook, in the Hunter Region, New South Wales, Australia.

And bad news for the owners of the Adani mine in the Galilee Basin. Indeed, for people such as Clive Palmer also hoping to start up their own massive mines in central Queensland, as demand for their product must surely slump on this morning’s news.

Okay, it might be a sort of a Catch 22 that ageing power plants such as Liddell need at least some coal before they can produce more coal needed to produce coal of its own, according to Madeline and RMIT Fact Check, but once they’re fired up, we will have visual proof of the world’s truly first perpetual motion machine in action.

Not to mention cheaper power for consumers if plants such as Liddell also produce some electricity as a by-product of producing the cheap coal they produce themselves.

This possibility must make governments that sold these coal-fired plants for the equivalent of a few bottles of fire water and some coloured beads look very, very stupid indeed.

Madeline Morris joins News Breakfast permanently on Monday as the program’s finance and business reporter and The Bug looks forward to more startling revelations such as the one she delivered today.