World leaders get the flicks


Fans of Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey rejoice! The two comedy stars are to reunite in not just one but two films – and both have a distinctively Aussie flavour.buddy t

In fact, my Hollywood spies tell me that both movies have been inspired by the pending visit to the United States by our very own Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the time he will spend with US President Donald Trump.

Dumb and Dumber 3: War Buddies and Liar Liar 2 will be shot in tandem by a cabal of the movie industry’s top movie houses.

I’ve seen some of the storyboards and script snippets for both films and they are a real hoot.

Dumb and Dumber 3: War Buddies is a comedy-drama set entirely on the night of the pending White House state dinner for the Aussie PM and what happens when both men hear news from US intelligence that Iran was absolutely, definitely, most likely, probably behind the recent drone strikes on Saudi Arabia.

There’s a fair bit of slapstick shenanigans as both men race to the White House war-room to launch attacks on Iran by their quickly cobbled together, two-country Coalition of the Killing.

Some of the dialogue is side-splitting as Trump explains to Morrison how the Middle East is made up of two peoples; one with a sunny disposition, the other that quite frankly gives him the shia-its.

And I’m told the SFX when Iran is blown to pieces is going to be make some recent Hollywood disaster movies look like a Lassie Come Home remake. There are so many little arms and legs flying everywhere you’d think the Revolutionary Children’s Court in Tehran was in session!

The other film, Liar Liar 2, is the more cerebral piece but still a side-splitter, and explores how two of the world’s most stupid, shallow, vain, unpleasant and mendacious of men could end up leaders of their respective countries.

Once again, I’ve seen some of the script and there’s a delicious one-on-one scene in the Oval Office late at night where these two devoutly religious men try to outdo each other with their knowledge “of the old and new tenements”.

At one stage, asked by the US president to name his favourite bible passages, Mr Morrison raises the palm of his left hand to the ceiling and lapses into tongues and the subtitles are the funniest thing I’ve seen for a long time.

It only gets funnier when the script shows the president sagely nodding as if he knows what the PM is saying, before starting to tweet slabs of the gibberish. Priceless!

I’m told the only hitch so far – with principal filming about the start, mind – is that both Daniels and Carrey want to play Mr Morrison in both productions so they can get to try on their best pentecostal accents.