How does happen?

media dinkus

Notice something missing in this story’s heading?

That’s right. We’ve left out the word “this”. How does this happen?

Or, if you prefer, “it”, as in How does it happen?

Or “shit”, come to think it. Sorry, of it. How does shit happen?

We at The Bug have often highlighted the missing word in the most embarrassing of places in a newspaper. In the intro of an SMH page-one splash. In Peter FitzSimons’ Fitz Files in the same masthead.

Terrible little blunders that have old hack journos shaking their heads and asking: “How earth did happen?” And they perfectly entitled do so.

But for this issue’s look into the exciting world of Australian journalism executed at its highest level – in the printed form at least – we present, courtesy of the first paragraph of Neil Breen’s back page piece in the latest The Sun-Herald‘s sports liftout, an example of an extra word being added for no good reason all.neil breen error - net.jpg

Does anyone out there in Bugland seriously believe Breen, one of this nation’s finest sports scribes, wrote this:  “….. David Warner has the lost the very thing that took him to the top”.

No. Warner has not lost the ability to use words well. But someone has. If Breen read over and was happy with his copy before pressing the send button, The Bug is going to give him benefit of doubt and suggest the extra “the” is a sub’s error.

The masthead’s new owners, Nine Entertainment, have, after all, promised to put some more subs on staff.

We’re not sure those extra subs are on staff yet, but clearly they a lot work do.

DISCLAIMER: The Bug picked up this intro stuff-up in a country edition of the Sun-Herald. But our experience suggests it would be a very brave person indeed who would bet that the mistake the have been fixed up later editions.


While we’re banging on about the sub-editors who may, or may not, be now working at the Heralds, we’d like to pay homage to whoever came up with this heading in Saturday’s SMH.

skin deep - net.jpg

No, we’ve got no real idea either as to why “More than WIN DEEP” should grace a yarn about the Aussies retaining the Ashes.





And why not something corny but relevant?

A victory

Too tabloidy for a serious “compact”?