Elder slams anthem plan


Australia’s most outspoken indigenous white elder has slammed mooted changes to the national anthem as “pandering to our darkie past”.

Auntie Pauline Hanson (above) lashed out at news that an organisation called Recognition in Anthem Project wants the entire middle verse of Advance Australia Fair devoted to the nation’s first peoples.

“That’s plainly racist,” declared Aunty Pauline of the Itsallrightobewhite peoples of south-east Queensland. Her tribe has wandered the Lockyer and Fassifern Valley regions for decades.

“The new words bang on about how black indigenous Australians have been here for 60,000 years and lauds their art and culture and all that,” Aunty Pauline said, “even though their paintings are just a bit dotty, don’t you reckon?”

She also accepted that indigenous black Australians had suffered a bit after white people discovered Australia and settled here.

“But I won’t be taking a black band-aid (sic) view of history and pandering to those who think we need to apologise for our darkie (sic) past. As John Howard so rightly said, I won’t be saying sorry for something I didn’t do.”

Aunty Pauline said the indigenous black Aboriginal people she was forced to meet on a recent visit to the red centre were all very nice but “they just dream their time away. It’s just who they are”.

“Did anyone see my visit to Ayers Rock recently? All you’ve got is a tatty old rope to help climb it. There’s no skyrail or chairlift or anything.

“There are no restaurants or theme parks or a giant Ferris wheel or anything like that up the top to really maximise the place’s potential.  Not even a waterslide to get you back down.

“The Coolaroo people own it now and it’s never going to improve. You’ll only ever be able to walk about it.

“When you think about how few full bloody Aboriganalese we have left now, why should they get the anthem glory?

“Why can’t the second verse be rewritten to honour the vital role played by European immigrants to our country under the White Australia policy for many years,” Aunty Pauline said, “even if some of those migrants from Greece and Italy were also a bit on the dark side.

“At least they ended up asylumating (sic) so now, years later, you can hardly tell they’re not white except for their funny names.

“These fine people built the Snowy Mountains and our big cities and created the strong Australia we have needed in recent decades to withstand the attacks on our way of life by the invasions en masse of firstly Asians and now the Muzzies.

“We’d have been overrun by them if all that stood in their way were our kind and innocent Abos.”

Aunty Pauline added that there was not a racist bone in her body and she would be mortified if anything she ever said provided succor and incentive to those who are.


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