Aldi faces class actions


The Australian arm of German-owned grocery retailer Aldi is facing bankruptcy after being hit by dozens of lawsuits from disgruntled customers.

A spokesperson for Aldi said it was caught off guard by the deluge of legal letters lodged with its Sydney head office from plaintiff law firms.

“These no-win, no-fee firms are planning to take us to court in dozens of class actions which could spell the end of our Australian network of stores if they succeed in their bids for millions of dollars in compensation,” the spokesperson said.

“As far as we can determine, the law firms are acting on behalf of hundreds of customers who shopped at our Sussex Street store in the Sydney CBD and later complained that the plastic Aldi bags they bought at the checkout did not contain hundreds of thousands of dollars in banknotes.

“We have taken advice from our own in-house lawyers and we feel we are on solid ground in defending these class actions.

“But in the legal world, who knows what might happen if and when it ever gets to court.”

The Aldi spokesperson said most customers of the store in question had always appeared satisfied and the outlet was especially popular with staff from the nearby office of the NSW Labor Party who always paid in cash when buying something quick and easy for lunch (main picture).