Will this invention do a power of good?


Australia’s energy supply problems in a warming world may soon be a thing of the past – and it’s all thanks to a humble part-time Adelaide inventor’s brilliant yet blindingly simple concept.

And what Win D’Resistance, 43, of Hazelwood Park, has come up with could very well prove the final death knell for the nation’s controversial coal-mining industry – indeed all fossil fuels that Australia currently relies on to keep houses lit and industries operating.

Mr D’Resistance has taken out world patents on his clever, ground-breaking invention: normal wind-powered turbines but whose massive blades are covered entirely with solar panels!

And with this brilliant ‘lightbulb’ moment, Mr D’Resitance (shown inserted above with his model) believes wind electricity-generating farms – now operating as wind and solar farms – can double their electricity output with hardly any increase at all in the overall cost of setting up such farms around Australia.

Mr D’Resistance’s invention has already been given the thumbs up by former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, whose overnight tweet (below) is self-explanatory.

turnbull email - net.jpg

CSIRO scientists and engineers have also praised the concept although they argue that it simply doesn’t work with current solar panel technology, something Mr D’Resitance admits is “absolutely spot on”.

“On the 12-inch model I  built to test my idea’s veracity, along with a basic, three-speed desk fan from ALDI, current solar panels are far too heavy and I couldn’t for the life of me get the blades to turn at all.

“But I’m confident that as solar panels become lighter and lighter, my idea is an absolute goer.”

Mr D’Resistance first came to prominence several years ago when he released his breakthrough design for a lunar-powered, electricity-generating windmill but that didn’t work either.