Tourism holds up in Hong Kong


The Chinese Government says protests and civil unrest in Hong Kong have not hindered the territory’s tourist industry despite the occupation of its international airport.

“We concede that the recent unrest by a small minority of ideologically unsound radicals may have given the impression that Hong Kong is off limits for tourists,” a Chinese Government spokesperson in Beijing told The Bug.

“But in fact only in the past few days we have seen a massive upsurge in mainland Chinese wanting to visit Hong Kong.

“We are pleased to report that many, many organised tour groups (main picture) are still interested in going to Hong Kong to see and enjoy its many tourist attractions.

“We are sure they will find much to do while visiting there, and will meet and tank many of the local people for their hospitality, and vigorously exchange ideas with them about the glorious future of our great nation and its people, including Hong Kong.

“We are also pleased to report that we are seeing a new tourism phenomenon previously seen in your country, Australia.

“This is the advent of what you call ‘grey nomads’ who take to the road to see many varied and different places.chinese-tank

“This is something we in China have not experienced before, but we are seeing many, many of these ‘grey nomads’ on the road in recent days heading for Hong Kong (pictured).

“These are very pleasing developments for our nation and we hope they will bring many great benefits to our people now and in the future,” the spokesperson said.