PM has faith in new health plan


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has promised his new health policy will deliver more public hospital beds while dramatically cutting the nation’s health budget.

At a news conference at the Townsville Hospital today during his visit to North Queensland (pictured), Mr Morrison said his government would scrap all current agreements with state and territory governments for the delivery of hospital services.

“These will be replaced by a single nationwide agreement with CCS (the Church of Christ, Scientist) to deliver hospital and emergency department services in all public hospitals,” he explained.

“I know that faith and a belief in Jesus Christ as our saviour is a great healer, as do Christian Scientists.

“Christian Scientists have a fundamental belief that reality is purely spiritual and that illness and disease are mental aberrations, not physical disorders and that the sick can be treated by prayer, not medicine.

“They believe that all you need to be healthy again if you fall ill is faith and prayer.

“In other words, if you have a God you’ll get a go.

“They are unencumbered by the need for expensive drugs, medical procedures, and diagnostic or treatment devices.

“So by handing over all of our public hospitals to be run by Christian Scientists we will no longer need to pay for over-trained doctors, nurses, any form of medical equipment, or even  Medicare.

“This will save a huge slice of the $25 billion a year we currently allocate in federal health funding alone,” Mr Morrison said.

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese said the new health plan was a disgrace that would see Australians die unnecessarily.

“It’s nothing more than a sop to the radical Christian Right of Australian politics,” Mr Alabanese said.

“It will see our hospital and health system crash to well below Third World standards and will result in thousands of people dying when simple cures and treatments are readily available.”

However, Mr Albanese said the Labor Party would not block the legislation needed to establish the new hospital system when it was presented to Federal Parliament.

“We’ll look at the numbers and if we can’t be 100 per cent opposed to this shameful, deadly, ill-conceived policy, then obviously we’ll be 100 per cent for it.”