Shooting massacre tolls slashed


The 29 people shot dead in two United States mass shootings over the weekend are now all recovering well in hospital after being flooded with countless thousands of “thoughts and prayers” messages from across the nation and indeed the world. 

Countless dozens of others seriously wounded in the lone-gunman attacks in El Paso, Texas, and in Dayton, Ohio, are also making remarkable recoveries after receiving the “thoughts and prayers” messages.

The messages of sympathy and salvation came from the very top of US society, with President Donald Trump in the White House twice offering his “thoughts and prayers” condolences as the massacres unfolded.

The messages also flowed from members of Congress, politicians in state houses, the National Rifle Association and right down through American society to countless ordinary Americans the length and the breadth of the US who have been shocked by the slayings. Dozens of world leaders and Boris Johnson also sent their “thoughts and prayers”.

At least half of those seriously injured and covered by the “thoughts and prayers” well-wishes from around the globe have already been discharged from Texas and Ohio hospitals.

Unfortunately, one woman, 64, who fell in aisle eight and grazed an elbow while fleeing the Walmart store shooting in El Paso last Saturday, did not receive a single “thoughts and prayers” message from anyone seeing her injuries were so slight.

Her seemingly harmless scratch, although bandaged by a triage nurse at a nearby hospital, turned septic overnight and she passed away at about 5am US time.