PM’s ‘shock and awe’ EU visit

UK POL DINKUSUK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been spied using a hoverboard, sparking suggestions he plans to use the device to make a dramatic trip to Brussells as part of his government’s Brexit “shock and awe” tactics.

In recent days Mr Johnson has been photographed at a Royal Air Force base outside London practising manoeuvres with the hoverboard (main picture), an identical model to one recently used by its French inventor Franky Zapata to cross the English Channel.

Political observers believe the UK PM may be planning to use the hoverboard to make the 320km trip from Downing Street to the European Union headquarters in Brussells to deliver his Brexit terms and demands.

“If true, it would be a most dramatic way to assert Britain’s demands on the EU,” one Westminister insider told The Bug on condition of anonymity.

“Boris knows only too well he needs some type of ‘shock and awe’ tactics when dealing with Brexit to differentiate himself from the muddled approach taken by his predecessor Theresa May.

“Imagine members of the EU and the European Parliament standing open-mouthed as the British PM flies in waving the Union Flag, landing outside the EU HQ, and throwing down a take-it-or-leave it list of the UK’s Brexit conditions.

“This is dramatic stuff. If he pulls it off it will forever cement Boris Johnson’s name in the same league as Maggie Thatcher and even Sir Winston Churchill,” the observer said.

But when questioned by one of The Bug’s London-based reporters outside Downing Street after returning from a hoverboard practice session, Mr Johnson dismissed the suggestions.

“Golly gosh, old bean. That’s popycock,” he said before moving off with staff members in tow.

But before entering 10 Downing Street Mr Johnson could be heard telling his staff: “That sounds a real wheeze. A capital idea. Absolutely top hole. Why didn’t we think of it?”