Debate woes for Biden and Bernie


Former US vice-president Joe Biden has denied he is moving to the right in a bid to outflank more left-leaning Democratic Party figures seeking their party’s nomination for the 2020 US Presidential election.

Mr Biden, who has adopted a noticeably more aggressive approach to the media in recent weeks,  said his appearance at this week’s CNN televised debate for Democratic candidates (main picture) was not unusual.

“I’m just letting my natural hair grow out a bit, that’s all,” he responded to reporters after the Chicago debate.

“It’s nothing more than that. Period. Why are you asking? This is just your attempt to make more fake news.

“Why don’t you all go back to the shithole, rat-infested places you came from?” he said before storming off saying he had limited time and dozens of offensive tweets to send out.

bernie sanders larry dMeanwhile, US political observers believe Democratic Party members who previously backed Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (pictured) are starting to go cold on his candidacy following his performance in the debate.

CNN’s chief political reporter Dick Edger said Sanders “did not have a good night” at the debate.

“I get the impression that time is Bernie’s enemy in the 2020 race. Put simply, he is now just too old for many of the younger Democratic Party members who’ll be voting in the upcoming primaries,” Mr Edger said.

“I notice that several times during the debate he interrupted other candidates by shouting: ‘Will you kids keep it down.’

“Then on a number of occasions he looked puzzled when he clapped loudly several times but the lights on the stage did not go off.

“I also think that taking his teeth out and putting them in the glass of water on his lectern for most of the debate did not help Bernie connect with younger voters.

“Bernie also wasted a lot of the time during the debate. On numerous occasions he fell way short of the time limit allocated for his answers.

“He explained later that he thought he heard the deadline buzzer ringing so he stopped talking, when it was actually him breaking wind,” Mr Edger said.