Chancellor reports ‘blazing row’

UK POL DINKUSBritain’s new Treasurer, Sajid Javid, says he had the best intentions when he rang police last night to report a couple fighting somewhere close to Downing Street in London.

Mr Javid was last week named as Chancellor of the Exchequer by new UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson — a job that comes with a taxpayer-funded flat in the building housing the Chancellor’s offices at 11 Downing Street.

However, recent prime ministers have chosen to work at the famous Number 10 Downing Street but live in the bigger four-bedroom flat upstairs at Number 11 while their Chancellor occupied Number 10’s two-bedroom flat. The practice started with Tony Blair in 1997 because of he wanted more room for his young family.

After being commissioned by the Queen as British PM, Mr Johnson claimed the Number 11 flat, leaving Mr Javid and his wife and four children to squeeze into the cramped 10 Downing Street flat.

It was from his small 10 Downing Street flat that Mr Javid said he heard “a blazing row” between a man and a woman “somewhere very close by, possibly in Downing Street itself”.

Mr Javid (pictured above pointing in the general direction of where he thought the row may have occurred) said he called police but by the time they arrived, the fight had ended.

“It was very loud,” he said. “It started with the voice of a man, probably about 55 and a bit chubby and dishevelled, who sounded a lot like an old Etonian and was yelling: ‘Get off my fucking laptop’.

“That was followed by the voice of a woman, who sounded slim, very good-looking, and roughly 31 years of age, who told the man he had ruined a sofa with red wine.

“Then she yelled at him: ‘You just don’t care for anything because you’re spoilt. You have no care for money or anything.’

“It sounded like it was coming from within a very big flat somewhere close by. Certainly a flat much bigger than mine.

“I’m not sorry I rang the police. People who behave like that don’t deserve to live in this neighbourhood, let alone in this street,” Mr Javid said.