Player bowled over by drug test


Australia has been caught up in another drugs-in-sport scandal in the wake of reports that swim star Shayna Jack is under investigation after testing positive to a banned substance.

The Bug can report exclusively that a key player in the Australian national lawn bowls team is under investigation by the Australian Lawn Bowling Organisation after undergoing a drug test in preparation for the world titles in the UK next month.

When The Bug contacted Albo he said he had no information about the issue and that our enquiries should be directed to the correct representative body.

Shortly after, The Bug was informed by a spokesperson for ALBO that leading lawn bowler Stan Dupp of Brisbane had been forced to withdraw from the national team following the drug test.

Mr Dupp was not available for comment but the ALBO spokesperson said: “Stan and all other members of our national team last week underwent the usual drug test given to all those taking part in major events like the world titles.

“Unfortunately Stan tested negative – completely clean – for all types of drugs and had to be dropped from the Australian team.

“In fairness the same rule must be applied to all players at the world titles and we just can’t have anyone in the Australian team who has no drugs in their system.

“Every time we do these tests for our players we at least expect a positive result for some of the ‘top 10’ drugs like atorvastatin, perindopril, esomeprazole, or cimetidine. Even paracetamol.

“Sadly for Stan, his results turned out negative for everything. Not even aspirin showed up.

“He’s very disappointed that he is now under investigation and will miss the worlds, but he’s promised to head to the doctor as soon as possible and see what he can get in time for the next round of tests.”