Red-hot Sun outshines then needles rivals


Superfish Sun Yang has issued an angry warning to opponents, promising to deliver a Chinese gold rush with world-record times at next year’s Tokyo Olympics.

The controversial giant (pictured) angrily spat out his boastful Games predictions to other Olympic glory hopefuls after retaining his 200 metres freestyle world title in Gwangju, South Korea overnight.

Two runners-up have now snubbed Sun Yang on the podium at the worlds – Britain’s Duncan Scott, who tied for the bronze medal in that event, and Australia’s Mack Horton who lost to him in the 400m final at the weekend.

Sun was branded a drug cheat by Horton at the 2016 Rio games over a three-month ban for taking a stimulant he insisted was for a heart condition.

Sun is competing in South Korea under a fresh doping cloud after a leaked FINA report alleged he smashed blood samples with a hammer after being visited by testers last year.

But the Chinese superstar hit back after his latest win, saying his times at the worlds were well below recent personal bests because of “drag factors” that he refused to elaborate on.

But some of the sport’s top commentators and astute observers believe Sun Yang was referring to the various hypodermic needles sticking out of him during events, especially the finals, at these championships.

Sun has been approached by FINA drug detection officials after each of his wins but the Chinese superstar has pulled out the hypodermic needles and smashed them on the pool concourse before those officials could confiscate them for analysis.

The Bug understands that FINA suspects the sky-blue syringes contained the latest performance-enhancing drugs created at the People’s Commission for Sporting Glory’s top-secret laboratory in Beijing, while the orange-tinged ones contain the latest drugs designed to mask the performance-enhancing ones.

But a Chinese government spokesperson said Sun Yang had caught a nasty cold on the Korean pensinsula and there was an entirely innocent explanation behind the hypodermic syringes.

“Swim meets go on for ever and the syringes, taped onto Sun Yang’s body, were simply  the best way to deliver slow-release doses of nothing other than perfectly legal, crunched up and liquified Coldral and Coldrex tablets available to the general public at any reputable pharmacy anywhere in the world,” he said.

“A frustrated Sun Yang has lashed out and smashed those syringes because he feels he is being unfairly singled out by the sport’s doping authorities who seem hellbent on denigrating his magnificent victories on behalf of our glorious ancestral Middle Land and our venerated Communist Party elders.”