Bug’s world-first publishing scoop!


The Bug is pleased to announce it has secured worldwide exclusive rights to publish extracts of Malcolm Turnbull’s pending autobiography (above).

While The Ego has Landed will shortly be available in reputable bookstores now that it has been cleared by not just one of the finest legal minds ever to grace Australian law but the former PM’s defamation lawyers as well, The Bug will shortly run the first of a number of extracts that show exactly what made Malcolm Bligh Turnbull the remarkable, unique and truly amazing individual he is.

That first extract later this week tells of how a brave young boy held his shattered family together after his mummy walked out on them and how he overcame years living in abject poverty in Vaucluse and mercilessly bullied at school for his brilliance to become arguably the world’s greatest ever statesman.

In the meantime, The Bug is also delighted to share with its readers some advance reviews of the book.

If Malcolm Turnbull were ever to turn his hand to fiction writing, all I can say is: William Shakespeare, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Leo Tolstoy, Charles Dickens and Captain W. E. Johns: look out!” –  M. Bligh, inner Sydney.

Every page is a masterclass in the art of politics. Niccolò Machiavelli is dead; long live Malcolm Turnbull.” – MT, Pipers Point.

Everything this man has touched throughout an amazing life of achievement has turned to 100 per cent rolled gold. What a mind. And what a hunk of a spunk to boot! Has there ever been a more handsome and erudite world statesman?” – Lucy T, Sydney.

“Good on you Malcolm for setting the record straight on how our nation was deprived of one of its greatest war-time or peace-time leaders, if not the greatest.” – Mr HS Mansion, Sydney

“This brilliant work tells of the downfall of a leader who was a true visionary and a powerful policy advocate and whose only fault was to dismiss out of hand silly and stupid subordinates who erroneously claimed he lacked vision and failed to advocate any of his policies. He should have stripped them buck naked, struck them down with his brilliant, albeit at times, cruel wit! ”Mal Colm, Upper Westside, New York

Bravo to the marketing genius who came up with this book title at the exact same time as the world is celebrating the manned moonlanding 50 years on! If only such a mastermind had been in charge of promoting Tourism Australia’s good works way back when, who knows what heights that organisation – indeed Australia – could have achieved by now.”Unnamed Andre Rieu impersonator, Manhattan, New York.