NASA finally comes clean


Analysis of previously unreleased photos of the 1969 “moon landing” has forced America’s space agency NASA to finally confirm the event was staged.

A statement by NASA administrator, Aub Itte, said the agency had released the photo by mistake after keeping it under tight security for 50 years.

“Yes,  we must now admit it was all staged, but you’ve got to give it to us – we did get away with it for half-a-century,” Mr Itte said.

The hoax of the moon landing perpetrated on billions of people since 1969 came to light after NASA published the full portfolio of photographs supposedly taken by astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin while walking on the moon in July 1969.

An original version of one of the most iconic shots shows the reflection of British actor Michael Caine in Neil Armstrong’s helmet visor (main picture).

“To film the fake moon landing NASA felt it best to use an offshore studio facility because if we did it in the United States we ran a big risk of being found out,” Mr Itte explained.

“So we used the Twickenham Studios in London where Michael Caine was then filming the original Italian Job movie.

“We had pretty strict security on the sound stage we were using, but somehow Michael accidentally wandered in to the wrong sound stage one day and his reflection happened to be caught in the photos being taken at that moment.

“The floor crew explained to him that they were filming a movie based on the moon mission then taking place.

“After a few tense moments during which Michael complimented the crew on the high production values of their film and the realistic set they had built, he left.

“We were just lucky it was Michael Caine. He’ll make any movie offered to him, no matter how shitty the script, and even back then he had already worked on or seen so many sound stages that they all blended into one.

“So he soon forgot what he saw and never mentioned it to anyone, just like many of the movies he’s made,” Mr Itte said.