Muslims thank PM for protection


Plans by the Morrison Government to enact legislation protecting religious freedoms in Australia have been welcomed by the nation’s Muslim community.

One Islamic religious leader who did not wish to be identified said there has been “great rejoicing” by Muslims in cities and towns across the nation at news of the proposed new laws.

“Finally we look like receiving protection from the blatant discrimination we have previously experienced,” said “For a start, Australia is meant to be an open and tolerant nation yet every time any local Islamic community has tried to build a mosque to worship our god, there has been an almighty public brawl and locals have staged protests which invariably force local councils or other authorities to reject our development applications.

“These applications have often been knocked back on spurious ‘town planning’ grounds with claims that the proposed structures are too big or out of character, but we all know that the authorities have simply bowed to pressure from rednecks and ignorant bigots.

“By contrast anyone who drives around the fringe suburbs of any Australian capital city or major town will see any number of buildings that look like big ugly aircraft hangars, but on closer inspection are massive places of worship for Pentecostal and charismatic churches.

“They never have any drama getting their plans through any council and they never face any backlash from local residents.

“But now, thanks to the Prime Minister, a religious freedoms law based  strong discriminatory values should allow us to practise our Islamic faith free from interference and discrimination which means we should have no trouble in the future if we want to build a mosque anywhere in Australia.

“As  a gesture of our gratitude the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils is planning to build the nation’s biggest mosque in Mr Morrison’s electorate of Cook on a site overlooking Cronulla Beach (artist’s impression above).

“We think Cronulla locals will love this living symbol of peace, tolerance, and harmony,” the Islamic leader said.