Queen sends subtle signals

aroyal corres dinkus

Her Majesty the Queen is continuing her subtle campaign to signal her displeasure at the choice the UK faces in choosing its next prime minister.

My Buckingham Palace sources tell me Her Majesty is not happy that the Conservative Party is facing a choice between former foreign secretary Boris Johnson and his successor in the job Jeremy Hunt.

While the Monarch traditionally never becomes involved in party politics, royal observers tell me Her Majesty has been quietly sending signals that she believes the Conservative Party should go and Labour should take over government.

As I have reported previously, numerous royal insiders have told me the Queen cannot stand Mr Johnson and has described him in private to friends as “a fat wanker not fit to clean the shithouse at 10 Downing Street”.

My sources tell me Her Majesty is also no fan of Mr Hunt, and has disliked him ever since he was secretary of health.

The Queen has also lately told friends that Mr Hunt — whom she refers to in private as “Mr Rhyming Slang” — was no friend of the National Health Service and if he had stayed on much longer as health secretary the NHS might well have disappeared.

Lately, as rank-and-file members of the Conservative Party begin the process of selecting their leader from between Mr Johnson and Mr Hunt, Her Majesty has quietly stepped up her campaign against them.

She fired the latest shot in her subtle campaign by attending a public rally organised in  London’s Hyde Park by the UK Labour Party at which its leader Jeremy Corbyn spoke.

I understand Her Majesty insisted on walking the short distance to the park from Buckingham Palace and took up a spot in the front row of the crowd when Mr Corbyn gave his speech.

When Mr Corbyn berated the Conservative Party, Mr Johnson, and Mr Hunt, my spies tell me Her Majesty could be heard offering a loud “hear, hear” at each insult hurled their way.

After taking a quick selfie with Mr Corbyn (main picture) Her Majesty walked back to Buckingham Palace humming The Red Flag.