Apple launches new ‘air box’


Fresh from releasing its new US$1,000 monitor stand, US-based tech giant Apple has unveiled its new range of “air boxes” (main picture) to the traditional standing ovation from fans at a product launch led by CEO Tim Cook.

Mr Cook (pictured) took to the stage at the Steve Jobs Theatre on the Apple campus in the California town of Cupertino to showcase the new Apple iAir range.

apple stage logo“Our new iAir gives Apple users something they won’t be able to live without,” Mr Cook said to wild applause.

“We know the users of Apple products are concerned about the health of our planet as well as their own personal health.

“That’s why our new iAir gives them something they have always wanted — air in a box.”

Mr Cook paused his presentation as Apple fans in the theatre whooped and cheered non-stop for several minutes.

“Our new iAir is deigned specifically for use with our range of Apple devices,” he eventually continued, “and comes in a range of sizes for light or heavy users of our other products.

“We believe it offers what Apple users want, and they can be guaranteed it is made to the same standards of design and production as all of our other products.

“It’s easy to use. And as always, when we think of diehard Apple fans we think of one word – simple.

“You just have to go to an Apple store, buy an iAir, take it home, put it on your desk or wherever you use our other devices, then open it.

“In addition consumers can be assured that we are applying Apple’s traditional pricing policy to our new product.”

Mr Cook said “air boxes” would be available in a range of sizes from US5 gallons (20 litres) up to US20 gallons (75 litres) for between $299 and $899.

Before Mr Cook finished speaking, lengthy queues started to form at Apple stores around the world as consumers began lining up to buy the new iAir.

Mr Cook did not mention production details in his presentation, but as he left the stage reporters asked him where the new “air boxes” would be manufactured.

“As usual we’ve designed the new iAir here in California but they’ll be made and filled with air in sweat… I mean workshops throughout South-East Asia,” he said.