Bonita visits her gal pal


UK Conservative Party MPs are believed to be firming behind the idea of replacing outgoing UK Prime Minister Theresa May with another woman.

Party sources said voter research and feedback showed conclusively that having another female leader would help Conservatives hold seats at the next general election.

“There is undoubtedly a lot of MPs and rank-and-file party members show are getting behind the idea of Mrs May being succeeded by another woman, but just who is the big question,” one insider said.

“The research shows a lot of negativity towards Mrs May for failing to deliver Brexit but also a lot of goodwill for her tenacity in trying.

“Our research shows voters disliked the idea that Mrs May was constantly torpedoed by her own MPs who were seen as ‘opportunistic old men in suits’,” the insider said.

Meanwhile one of Mrs May’s staunchest critics, former foreign secretary Boris Johnson, visited 10 Downing Street to console her after she announced her resignation.

“I disagreed with Theresa on her Brexit plan but I always liked her as a woman, and by that I mean I liked her because she was  a woman and because I am also one and have been for some time, as you all well know,” Mr Johnson said before insisting that from now on he was to be referred to as Bonita Johnson.