Dickson’s day went from bad to worse


Disgraced former One Nation Senate candidate Steve Dickson did not have the best of days yesterday: hours after quitting the poll race over a stripper-groping scandal, he lost his driver’s licence after being pulled over by Queensland coppers.

In a word exclusive, The Bug can reveal that traffic police swung behind Dickson’s car after the One Nation Queensland leader left the Roots-R-Us poll-dancing club and licensed brothel in Strathpine just north of Brisbane about 3.15pm yesterday.

The car was being driven erratically and at one stage mounted a footpath and slammed through the display windows of a second-hand furniture shop on Old Gympie Road.

Police observed Dickson reverse his car back onto the road,  together with a second-hand executive gas-lift office chair on castors hooked to his front bumper bar.

They continued to follow him up to a pedestrian crossing at Strathpine State School where he failed to give way, forcing pupils on the crossing to run for their lives as school books were scattered everywhere.

Police continued to follow Dickson’s car and observed it swing onto the wrong side of the road on several occasions, forcing oncoming drivers to swerve violently to avoid head-on collisions.

While most other drivers avoided colliding with Dickson’s vehicle, the executive chair  hit and damaged several vehicles after breaking loose from his car’s bumper bar.

Dickson’s vehicle then hit a pillar  in the drive-through of a local hotel where he asked for a 700ml bottle of Johnny Walker red label whisky which he failed to pay for before driving off.

Police continued to trail Mr Dickson, who could be seen swigging straight from the bottle,  then hurling it from the car when he had drained it.

He continued driving at excessive speed and took his hands off the steering wheel to fire random shots out of the driver’s side window from an illegally imported large-calibre automatic rifle while yelling: “NRA!, NRA!, NRA!” (main picture).

Police pulled him over soon after at a T-junction when they noticed one of his vehicle’s brake lights was not functioning properly.

They fined Mr Dickson $300 for the faulty brake light and the three demerit points they imposed took him to 11 in total, meaning his licence was immediately suspended.

One Nation founder Pauline Hanson, who had earlier in the day accepted Mr Dickson’s offer to quit as a Senate candidate over salacious images of him touching up a stripper in a US nightclub, was aghast when informed of Mr Dickson’s driving woes only hours later.

“If I hadn’t already sacked him as one of my Queensland Senate candidates yesterday morning, I would most certainly have done it in the afternoon if I’d known straight away about this,” she said once The Bug contacted her over the traffic matter.

“I’ve got two daughters and I’m simply horrified that Mr Dickson would have even contemplated putting their lives at risk by driving his car without functioning brake lights.

“Every decent Australian knows there is a line of behaviour that should never be crossed under any circumstances and Steve Dickson clearly crossed that line,” Ms Hanson added in her pubic statement.