Hanson moves to limit damage


Pauline Hanson has moved to limit damage to her One Nation party’s prospects in the Queensland Senate race following the resignation of candidate and state leader Steve Dickson.

After accepting Mr Dickson’s resignation following the exposure of his secretly filmed behaviour at a New York strip club, Ms Hanson has announced his replacement as a potential Queensland Senator.

She said the Senate ballot papers had been printed for the 18 May election and under the Electoral Act would not be changed.

“Steve’s name remains as our number-two Senate candidate on the ballot paper behind former Senator Malcolm Roberts,” she explained.

“But if One Nation secures a Senate spot in Steve’s name we have someone else who can fill that seat and head to Canberra.”

Ms Hanson then introduced Sunshine Coast housewife Stefanie Dickson (main picture) , whom she stressed was no relation to Steve Dickson.

“Stefanie is an upstanding member of our community and I’m sure would never sink as low as behaving in the disgusting, sexist way that Steve did,” she said.

This prompted Ms Dickson to quietly mutter:  “Steady on.”

Ms Hanson continued, saying she was disappointed at Mr Dickson’s behaviour.

“I found it disgusting to read about what he did, in particular asking for the stripper to put her hand on his four asterisks.”

At that, Ms Dickson leaned toward Ms Hanson and said behind her hand: “Give it a break.”

Ms Hanson concluded: “I think he behaved in a sleazy and unacceptable manner, but I won’t say any more” — prompting Ms Dickson to quietly exclaim: “Thank Christ.”

Ms Dickson then said she was proud to have been personally selected by Ms Hanson.

“I know Steve Dickson and I am … I mean he is a wonderful human being and not at all sexist or racist despite what you might have seen or heard in the footage taken illegally by those Mussies at Al Jolson or whatever that terrorist TV network calls itself,” Ms Dickson said.

“I have… I mean, Steve has apologised to my… his lovely wife for what was said and done during that ill-fated visit to the gentlemen’s club in New York.

“We all make mistakes. I mean, who among us hasn’t landed in a foreign city, got on the sauce for half a day, then gone out and fondled the tits of a pole dancer while stuffing dollar bills down her g-string? I know I have.. I mean, I haven’t.”

After her mention of Mr Dickson’s wife, reporters asked Ms Dickson if she were married and if they could meet her husband.

Ms Hanson called an end to the news conference at that point and she and Ms Dickson left quickly.