Alan Jones fails to land job

jones jobs dinkus2Sydney shock jock, Alan Jones, has failed once more in a bid to find an exciting new career outside radio as time runs out for his current employer 2GB to sign him to another multi-million-dollar contract before his current one expires at the end of June.

With the station wavering about stumping up “another pile for more bile”, the veteran broadcaster in an exclusive interview with The Bug, said he was disappointed at failing so far to find a new job.

“I  was very hopeful of taking a totally new direction in my career by becoming an air traffic controller, but sadly that didn’t work out,” he said.

“I’m really not sure why Air Services Australia didn’t want to take me on.

“I thought it was the ideal post-radio job for me. It involves sitting at a desk for a few hours, chatting to people over the airwaves, and giving them directions about what they should or shouldn’t do.

“It’s a total mystery why I didn’t get the job,” Mr Jones said.

However, an Air Services Australia spokesperson told The Bug the work-experience day Mr Jones spent at Sydney Airport’s control tower revealed he was not suited to the job of air traffic controller.

“Alan has a lot of talents, but they don’t really translate to being an air traffic controller,” the spokesperson said.

“Unfortunately Alan spent all of his shift sitting at his desk just chatting to pilots seeking permission to take off, land, or change direction or altitude, but never actually gave them any technical directions or approvals for aircraft movements.

“He just launched into tirades about tax policies, climate change, Sydney stadiums, and all sorts of other irrelevant crap.

“Even when we thought he’d finally started to get a handle on the job, he wouldn’t let any of the pilots veer left.

“So naturally there were a couple of, shall we say, unfortunate repercussions on the day (main picture) but Alan called in a few favours and luckily nothing hit the media,” the spokesperson said.