May quits as British PM

dinkus newsUK POLITICS:

RIGHT NOW: It’s early morning in the United Kingdom and British Prime Minister Theresa May is currently on her way to Buckingham Palace to tender her resignation to Queen Elizabeth.

And the reason for her sudden downfall? The elephant not just in the room but across the United Kingdom – how to Brexit with any skerrick of dignity or self-worth left intact – that has left her stuck fast in a putrid, sucking quagmire largely of her own making.

Ms May made her snap decision to resign just after breakfast London time after receiving phone calls in the past hour from the two Cabinet ministers most likely to succeed her – Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington and Treasury chief Philip Hammond – with both men expressing strong support for Mrs May and her Brexit strategies.

“Both men have offered me unequivocal and total, undying loyalty for as long as I demand it,” Ms May told sobbing staff at Number 10.

“Well that’s that then,” she added, before calling for her driver and security detail and beginning her lonely drive down the Mall to see Her Majesty.