Give us today our Daley dread

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So just how racist is NSW Opposition Leader Michael Daley? Very, if you go by the way ABC radio and TV in NSW have been banging on about him since his comments at a Blue Mountains Politics in the Pub meeting last year were first aired a few days ago.

Today’s Sydney Morning Herald has it all over its front page. The Daily Tele hammered him relentlessly yesterday as part of its balanced, highly professional NSW election coverage (see more below). No doubt they’ll be at it again today.

So have we now established how very, very racist Mr Daley is? And how totally unsuited he is is as a result to ever be Premier of the premier state?smh on daley.jpg

Daley could be the red-hottest, ratbaggiest racist Australia has ever bred for all The Bug knows, and Oz has plenty of them.

On the surface, his comments – that young Australians are being forced out of the Sydney property market, indeed forced out of the city itself, by Asians with PhDs – do appear red hot.

If Asian Australians have studied harder and worked harder than Caucasian or other Aussie ethnicities, and made the mega bucketloads of money needed to buy Sydney property, regardless of the recent slump in prices, then the message to Daley must surely be: “Boo, hoo, hoo. Suck it up sunshine! That’s life. And, by the way, you’re a shocking racist.”

There’s no doubt that people of Asian appearance often dominate among the people shown on TV whenever a new Sydney high-rise project goes on sale; or among the bidders at suburban home auctions.

The Bug has no idea how many of these are permanent Australian citizens or for how many generations their families have all been Australian citizens.  But there have certainly been plenty of reports over time about overseas investors from all over Asia and elsewhere parking their capital in Australian property in all major capitals.

So is it just possible, despite Daley’s self-admitted poor choice of words, that what he was saying up the mountain had more than a ring of truth to it? And he’s paying a pretty heavy price in this politically correct world for saying that, no matter how clumsily.


Thank Glad for quality, balanced journalism

Remember when NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and her transport minister a few weeks back sneered at the Newcastle Herald reporter for having the temerity to question aspects of that city’s light rail rollout?

“Sorry, which media outlet are you from?” asked Transport Minister Andrew Constance.

Told the Newcastle Herald, the Premier mocked: “That’s normal for them. That’s just operation normal for them… yeah, yeah, yeah.”

tele showing balance.jpg

So let’s have a look at these two pages from Tuesday’s Daily Telegraph’s coverage of the state election campaign.

The Bug’s best guess is that our Glad wishes that naughty Newcastle Herald and that awful left-leading ABC (apart from the sterling job it’s doing on that racist ratbag Daley) would see reason and at least try to copy the balanced, professional and highly ethical journalism practiced by the Tele.

Right, Glad?


Now you see it, now you don’t

Our national broadsheet tabloid The Australian deserves a special mention for telling it like it is.

Perusing its online edition recently, a reader of The Bug came across the intriguing headline “This story has been removed”.

oz removedThe reader’s curiosity caused them to open the link, and sure enough, the story had been removed (pictured).

What was the original story that had been removed? Well, that’s obviously another story.

But congratulations to the Murdoch megaphone for telling us that the story was there once but was no more. Who says the media and News Corp Australia in particular don’t give us the facts?